Dear Friend of Sea Shepherd,

Persistence is the key to success and we will never retreat! We have made great strides this year for sharks and whales and we will continue to do so for them and the many other inhabitants of the ocean. We are the shepherds of the sea, the pirates of compassion, the voice and the hand of the defenseless. We challenge the impossible and make a difference that will be felt and appreciated by all future generations. We recognize that the oceans are the most important realm on this planet, and that we need them for our own survival.

Our biggest campaign of the year is approaching, which takes place in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Help us to steer back into those deep, dangerous, and distant waters where we will continue to challenge and defeat the pirates of greed.

Captain Watson’s Legal Status Deconstructed: The Truth and Nothing but the Truth
There has been a great deal of speculation recently about Captain Paul Watson’s legal situation. What happens now that he’s no longer in Germany? What is the impact of Interpol’s Red Notice? What does his status mean for Sea Shepherd’s campaigns? Will he be able to travel for the upcoming Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign? Inquiring minds want to know!

Get the facts as Captain Watson's attorney sets the record straight on our fearless leader's legal status.

Call to Action: Cove Guardians Needed
Do you have Infinite Patience? We are looking for a few good men and women to be Cove Guardians for our annual Operation Infinite Patience campaign by documenting and exposing the brutal and senseless slaughter of dolphins at the infamous “Cove” in Taiji, Japan.

Taiji is ground zero for the international trade in dolphins, which is driven by consumers' support of marine park shows that exploit these majestic beings. Once captured in the Cove, select dolphins are chosen for a life in captivity slaving away for human entertainment. The remainder are brutally slaughtered for their meat, which is high in mercury and PCBs. Help us illuminate the crimes being committed against these much-loved, captivating and social creatures, so we can bring an end to the massacre. Join us for Operation Infinite Patience!

O.R.C.A. Force: Full Moon Over South Africa Puts Rhinos at Even Greater Risk
O.R.C.A. (Oceanic Research and Conservation Action) Force is Sea Shepherd’s land-based investigations and intervention unit. Focused on anti-poaching and law enforcement efforts, O.R.C.A. Force uses innovative direct action tactics in the field with small teams of campaign and technical experts who investigate and intervene against illegal marine wildlife crimes by people who seek to destroy endangered species and other wildlife for profit.

In collaboration with SPOTS (Strategic Protection of Threatened Species), South Africa’s anti-poaching specialists, we are working day and night to enforce anti-poaching laws, guiding the rhino through the highly dangerous full moon cycle. Learn why the full moon is such a perilous time for rhinos…

Call to Action: Toronto is Capturing Wild Endangered Sharks for Impending Aquarium
Ground has been broken in Toronto, Ontario on a 2.8 million liter fish tank known as Ripley's Aquarium of Canada. This aquarium will be an unnatural home to over 13,000 salt and fresh water fish, including 10 rare and endangered sand tiger sharks.

The Ripley team has and will continue to catch these endangered sharks by using longlines out of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, unless people like you express their outrage. Act now to stop the continuing capture of the endangered sand tiger shark!

Operation Requiem Shirts Have Arrived!

You can show your support for Sea Shepherd and our latest Shark Defense Campaign by purchasing your very own Operation Requiem tank top or t-shirt! We also have stickers available to commemorate this campaign to defend, conserve, and protect sharks, which are so vital to the ocean ecosystem.

All proceeds from Sea Shepherd e-Stores support our efforts to defend ocean wildlife worldwide!

With your support, we will continue to protect the animals upon which the health of the Earth is dependent. Sea Shepherd is not funded by government grants. We depend on people like you to keep us making progress. Donations of $25 or $50 really add up fast. These are the donations that time and time again prove to be the ones that keep our ships sailing, our campaigns on point and successful.

Sea Shepherd is the only organization in the world on the frontlines in the battle to save ocean wildlife. Marine animals depend on us for their protection and we depend on you to get us there. Please make a donation today — we could not do it without you! On behalf of our clients, the whales, sharks, seals, dolphins, tuna, and all marine wildlife, I thank-you!

For the oceans,


Captain Paul Watson
Founder and President

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Costa Rican Government Risks Nation's Eco-Friendly Reputation to Protect Shark-Finners

Commentary by
Captain Alex Cornelissen, Director of Operations,
Sea Shepherd Galápagos


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